Access switch partial failure Wednesday 22nd January 2020 12:07:26

We have identified a faulty access switch in our network. The error leads to intermittent packet loss to about 20 servers connected to ports of this switch.

To prevent further escalation and resolve the issue, we will perform an emergency switch replacement as soon as possible.

We expect that this replacement will happen around 15:00 CET today, and will take 15-30 minutes in which your server will be unreachable.

The maintenance has been completed, and all servers have been checked for connectivity. We are currently investigating some unexpected behaviour that we experienced during the works, and will continue to monitor.

While working on replacing this switch we have detected more issues in the network, that we are currently investigating. We will update when we know more about the cause.

Hereby we confirm the emergency maintenance will commence at 15:00 CET