Network issues DC1 and DC2 Sunday 11th August 2019 10:52:00

We’re currently investigating network issues that were detected in our datacenters We will update here when there is more information about the cause.

The attack has been mitigated and connections seem to be stable again.

We're currently detecting issues again in DC1 - which are likely related to these attacks. At this moment we're investigating and NOC is trying to bring the connections back again.

The attacks are still ongoing, but we have not seen any impact anymore in the past 12 hours. We will continue to monitor the network, but so far the mitigation measures seem to be effective. There is still a risk that the attacks will breach the mitigation measures again, however for now it looks good.

Unfortunately the attacks have come back, and at a greater scale. This means that part of the network is experiencing packet losses. The network operations team is working on mitigating the attacks.

The attack seems to be under control for now. Most services have been brought back again. NOC is still keeping an eye on it and tries to implement mitigation measures to prevent other attacks

Our network provider is suffering from a very large scale DDoS attack. They are currently working with the NOC team to mitigate the attack. Unfortunately at this point we cannot provide an ETA yet.