Power maintenance Friday 14th December 2018 00:24:36

Location = SDC1, Dronten, NL

Service Type = Room divider maintenance, A-feed Room 3

Start: 14-12-2018 00:00 CET (Amsterdam time)

End: 14-12-2018 02:00 CET

Duration: 1 -2 hours

During this maintenance the power feed to your server will be disconnected The maintenance will be combined with a regular circuit breaker test, in order to prevent another maintenance window in 2019.

After this maintenance is finished we will ensure all servers are up and running again.

Not all servers will be affected, we have individually emailed all customers affected

The faulty PDU has been replaced by a spare and all servers behind it are reachable again

Please contact support should you still experience any problems

We have identified 1 Power Distribution Unit that has gone bad and is not recoverable. The broken PDU will be replaced by a spare at this moment

All power is back. We are currently checking each server to see if everything is online again.